24/7 Emergency Service

Residential Services

For the safety of your family and possessions, security is one aspect you don’t want to cut corners on at your home.

​​​If you have moved house, contact us to ask about the cost of getting locks changed.

If you have been broken into and you need an emergency locksmith, call us for prompt, secure service.

​Jim's Locksmith is mobile, with everything needed for the job carried in the van, servicing Napier and Hawkes Bay.

House Lockout

If You've lost your house key and need to replace it or you are locked out - If you are simply locked out we can cut a key to get you back in. If you have damaged the lock trying to get in, we can fit a new lock too.

Locks Change/Repair

You've been broken into or have evicted tenants and need to change the locks - Jim's Locksmiths Ltd can fit new locks to all your doors and then provide you with a complete set of new keys including spares

Rekey/ Master key

If You want to have one key for all locks on your property - Jim can install a master key system for your home, where one key unlocks all the locks on your property. Your locks are checked to ensure they are in good working order. Then the cylinders are changed and each lock recalibrated so a master key can access them all.

Electronic Locks/Key Pads

Digital locks have many benefits. Because you can access the doors with your smartphone you don't need to hide a spare key or even carry keys with you. For an added layer of security, you can program access schedules for each family member. You can also share digital keys with friends and visiting guests so they can let themselves in.

If you want a keyless lock option but don't want to use your phone, think about other keyless choices such as keypad door locks. These can be fitted to your door and unlock when a numerical code is entered. This is a good option if you have children letting themselves in but don't want to have them carrying a key.

Garage Locks

Lost your key? We can cut new keys from your lock code.

Need new locks to protect those costly tools and equipment? Jim's Locksmiths is on the job keeping your stuff safe and sound.

24/7 Emergency Service